Our beloved home is a treasure trove of beautiful memories. With it’s 5 bedrooms, spacious theatre, and expansive backyard, it can be hard to part ways with such a besotted investment. But, it’s important to consider the benefits of downsizing- not treating the approach as a downgrade. Instead, you’re writing a new chapter in the book that is your life, moving on to greener pastures and reaping the value that come along with it.

The positives of choosing apartment living are almost endless. From less household responsibility to a increased flexibility, the benefits are aplenty. If you desire a brand new, luxurious, premium, and comfortable lifestyle, we have the perfect answer for you – but first, let’s see why empty-nesters are reaping the rewards of apartment living.


Increased Cashflow

It goes without saying that there are costs associated with moving into a new home, but the long-term financial savings far outweigh these initial costs.  By downsizing from your family home, you not only reduce the cost of having a larger home, but your maintenance and energy bills also decrease – meaning you have more money in the bank to spend on the finer things in life.


Greater Flexibility

Perhaps you want to visit one of your beautiful bucket list destinations or upgrade your furniture. Downsizing into a smaller home means you have the extra cash to do with what you please – and who doesn’t love the notion of extra money in the bank? Travelling is also much less troublesome when you downsize – especially if you live in an apartment. You can lock and leave your home without stressing about security and enjoy that destination holiday you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Coastal View Cottesloe


Smaller Workload

In addition to saving money by moving into a luxurious apartment, you’ll also have less household chores to tackle. If the kids have left home and you find yourself maintaining a large portion of your home that is hardly used, it’s a good indication that it’s time to downsize.

In addition to providing you with a less stressful lifestyle, you will have fewer square metres to manage and maintain, making your life much simpler – and remember, less room doesn’t equate to less space. With an Elizabeth Residences apartment, you will move into a luxurious, ample apartment with stunning finishes, enviable courtyards with pools, balconies or rooftop terraces, communal gyms, and workshop facilities – meaning the value your home provides goes through the roof.


Elizabeth Residences Private Terrace Pool


Supercharged Retirement Fund

In addition to saving money on household costs, if you sell your existing family home and buy an affordable, stylish apartment, you could put the extra money towards your retirement savings.

By downsizing you could help fund your lifestyle or better yet, retire early to enjoy your stunning new home. This money could be used for daily living, that holiday you’re craving, or for following your dream of long-term travel.


You Have Changed, So Should Not Your Home? 

As we grow older, our priorities change. From owning a beautiful, spacious home, fit for our family – we turn to desiring a more simple, luxurious lifestyle – that still has all the necessities we require, in a space with greater flexibility.

There are only 8 Elizabeth Apartments available – a limited, unique offering set to exceed your expectations. Register your interest today to discuss your options and move into an architecturally designed premium residence that delivers prime, ocean view living.


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